TDN World Desk: As the Lok Sabha vote inching nearby, with each passing day some adverse things are cropping up from within of the saffron party shell. 

This time a former spokesperson of BJP, I P Singh came in attacking mood against the party’s top leadership by dubbing them as “Gujrati thugs. Through a series of tweets, on Friday, while venting his ire this senior Lucknow-based leader said, “I belong to a principled ‘kshatriya’ family. Two Gujarati thugs have been befooling Hindi-speaking people for the last five years after capturing the country’s Hindi heartland, while we are silent”. 

In another tweet, I P Singh said, “Have we elected a ”pradhan mantri” or ”prachar mantri”? Does the country’s prime minister look good selling t-shirt and tea cup?” Here he clearly takes jibe at PM Modi’s prodigal expenses on advertisements before election campaign. 

In reaction to his tweets, BJP expelled I P Singh for six years from the party. Taking cognizance of his expulsion Mr. Singh tweeted further, “I have come to know from the media friends that I have been expelled from the party for six years”. 

And again, he took dig at the party by saying the internal democracy of the BJP party has been lost. There, within the party speaking against the party has become an act of crime. 

BJP leader Mr. Singh also criticized Modi’s Chowkidar role-play. He tweeted, “Forgive me Narendra Modi ji! I could not have work as your chowkidar (watchman) with a strap on my eyes,” he added.