Image: The Hindu

TDN World Desk: The Women in Shaheen Bagh demaded a fair probe in the northeast Delhi violence and compensation of Rs 1 crore to the victims.

On Driday the women protesters at the site said at a late-night press conference,“There should be an inquiry about how the people came to Delhi from UP an during the violence. We want a fair probe into the violence in jaffarabad, SHiv Vihar and Maujpur”. The Quint quoted the statement.

On February 23 Delhi witnessed communal carnage that broke in the northeast part of Delhi and continued for next several days killing over 53 people.As an ftermath, several houndreds people rendered homeless, their shops, houses looted and burnt.

Speaking over the epidemic spread of Coronavirus, taking cue to the BJP government, the women protesters here said, “They don’t need to spread coronavirus panic in hopes we will run away. The Home Minister should not bother about us.We can take care of think of the people whose houses have been burnt and are left homeless now.”

Responding to Home Minister’s assurance of not marking anyone as doubtful voter, they stated:”Why is there a need for such questions?All questions should be removed.”