Own Correspondent, TDN World: A delegate of All India based student organization SIO meets with the family of the 8-year-old boy killed in Delhi. On behalf of the organization, the delegate conveyed their condolences to the family. SIO will bear all the educational expenses for Mustafa and Mustakim, the two brothers of Azeem up to post-graduate level, said Nahas Mala, the National president of SIO India. He also said that SIO will carry out a movement demanding investigation into his killing.

SIO national delegation at Shaheed Azeem’s residence, later Br. Nahas Mala President SIO of India announced to support two brothers of Azeem for their education till P. G. #JusticeForAzeem

Posted by SIO of India on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mohammed Azeem is a madrasa student. He was beaten to death by some young boys in South Delhi’s Begumpur locality of Malviya Nagar area on Thursday. Delhi police investigating the incident. According to news report, Police arrested the accused involved in the murder. As per report the scuffle ensued as fight for space, a land which according to official records is registered with the Delhi Wakf Board. However reverse claims are made by some local Hindus.