Image: The Hindu

Stuff Reporter, TDN World: The Anti-Sterlite protestors have been staging a non-violent protest for the immediate closure of the Sterlite plant for the past three months. On 22nd May, the protest was gaining momentum as it was the 100th day since the commencement of the protests. The public protested by closing the shops for a complete day and staging a non-violent demonstration in front of the Sterlite plant. The police lathi-charged and fired tear gas and live ammunition on the non-violent protestors as they were matching towards the District Collectorate. 9 people were killed including a woman and many others were inflicted with both major and minor injuries in this incident.

The Tamilnadu police have been developing this kind of anarchist tendencies in the recent years. This inhumane behavior of the police manifested against the women who protested for the complete ban of alcohol, the jallikattu protesters and the Kathiramangalam people in the past. The CM must bear the complete responsibilities of these incidents as he is commanding the police force. A democratic government is established to work for the people and not to kill them.

SIO demands the government to take immediate and severe actions against the police force and the conspirators behind the incident and immediate closure of the Sterlite Copper Plant and the assurance that such mishaps won’t be repeated in the future.

SIO further demands the government to grant the families of the killed with their rightful compensation and a government job for a member of their families.