TDN World Desk: On Monday the contentious Citizenship Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 is to be tabled in Lok Sabha. Expressing concern over the nature of the bill, Student Islamic Organization writes to the Members of the Parliament to reject the bill and vote against it.

” We request you in your capacity as a member of Parliament to vote against this bill for the reason cited above. We hope that you will not allow narrow partisan considerations to come in the way of serving the people and the constitution of our nation”,Labeed Shafi, President of SIO said urged the MPs through a letter.

“This bill goes against Article 5,10,14 and 15 of the Indian constitution which defines and protects the right of citizenship of Indians and guarantees equality before law without prejudice to religion, race, cast, sex, or place of birth or any of them,” the letter reads.

SIO, formed in 1982, further asserted in the letter that although Article 11 of the constitution empowers the Parliament to legislate on citizenship; it is subject to Article 13 which curtails legislation inconsistent with the fundamental rights.

Criticizing the BJP governmet’s role in introducing the bill, the student body said, Current Indian nationality laws which regulate citizenship based on birth, descent, application (registration) and naturalization are sufficient as they are, covering a broad spectrum of possibilities.

The current government’s proposition for the bill is highly hypocritical, given its treatment of minorities.

Student suggested that before proposing this bill, the present government pay attention to reforming its treatment of Indian citizens belonging to minorities, in the spirit of ‘Sarva Dharma Sambhav’ as proposed by Union Minister.

The Organization further stressed that a separate law was not nedded to solve the persecuted refugees issue and therefore, the proposed CAB should be rejected.

“The argument of prosecuted refugees can be dealt by making provisions through appropriate amendments in the current laws for accommodating refugees, granting them legal status and fast-tracking their admission to Indian citizenship should they apply for it. A separate discriminatory law is not needed for it. The proposed bill must be rejected in toto.”