TDN World Desk: One year has been elapsed. The memory of Sigbatullah, who was killed by a frenzied mob as riot spurred in Bengal’s Asansol in last year, might have faded from the memories of the people. But Sibgatullah’s mother still lives with tears in her eyes. And his father Imam Rashidi, still continues to preach the message of peace of harmony. 

While recalling the memory of his son’s killing, Imdadullah Rashidi, the Imam of Noorani Mosque, said to TDN, “What I can do, Islam talks about peace and humanity. And definitely I will continue to share the message of peace. I didn’t lodge any complaint or FIR against the perpetrators. I have left the matter entirely upon the authority, government and the people. Police case was filed. Two people were arrested in connection with the killing. Now, they are out on bail.” 

When Identified his sixteen-year-old son’s battered body with resilience, he didn’t lose the calmness of mind in order to keep the environment peaceful; he maintained the long-retained tradition of harmony in Bengal. That day, a bit anger in his tear could have given rise to furious eruption. But it didn’t happen. Burying all the pain in his heart, he surprised the nation by his appealing sermon of peace and harmony. His son’s marksheet was published posthumously. With that marksheet in his hand he said, “This is the world.” 

Now,  that prevailing atmosphere of fear has been dispersed. Situation restored to normalcy. The usual din and bustle of a busy day can be heard of near the Noorani mosque at NRI road adjacent to Railpar. Imam Maulana Imdadullah Rashidi sits in his chair. Amid prayers, and social-work, the memory of Sibgatullah keep coming at times in his mind. He prays for him. 

The Imam said, “This country is our birth place. The soil of this land once soaked with our forefathers’ blood who fought for Azadi (freedom). But in this vast land of diversity things like religion, habit of food, clothing is now being politicized. It is really painful. Those who didn’t have any contribution to India’s struggle for independence they are now terming us as anti-national! Actually, the fact is, we all are ‘afraid’. That night I was not carried out by fear, and it was the reason why riot could not last long. He should unitedly come out against politics in the name of religion.” 

One year before, while talking to the reporter in a mosque, sitting in the room adherent to the mosque, Imam Rashidi said, “I am not bothered about the punishment of those involved in my son’s death. River Ganga and Yamuna is flowing over this land. Here lies the long history of freedom-struggle. People of different religions, caste and creed live here. Our constitution speaks of secularism. On that very whatever I had said that is my ultimate message to all the peace-lovers. Could more loses of life due in addition to my son’s death alleviate my grievance and pain? Rather it would have increased. If we change our view-point, and could see other’s children as ours, then there will be no division. It is only matter of perspectives. If we change our view-points, then if they try their best, the people who trade on religion will not be successful. You are doing wrong; in return I will do the same – we cannot let it happen. No religion at the face of earth encourages disturbance, bloodshed, or killing.” 

Imam Rashid raised the question over a particular party. He said, ” our forefathers fought for the independence. We have sacrifices of blood in winning freedom. Now we can hear from some people telling us to leave for Pakistan. Did they fight for our freedom? Did they have any historical record of having fought for the country? No, they don’t have. And this is the reason why they don’t feel any pain while hatching plans to divide the country and its people. Those who question our patriotism they are fools. There is no good in making division. The people across the world are for peace.” 

Lost his son, unaware of whether justice will be delivered to him or not, yet the Imam did not forget to convey the message of peace. He said, “May peace prevail all over the world!  All conflicts in the world should come to an end. One day we all will have to account for our deeds before the Almighty, Allah. If people were considerate of right and wrong, no injustice would have taken place.”