TDN World, Jangipur:  The parliamentary constituency in Jangipur of Bengal’s Murshidabad district did have MPs from both the CPI(M) and Congress party. But still, after so many years of independence, why this constituency is so lagged behind? 

This question was raised by Dr. SQR Illyas, President of Welfare Party of India. He is now all set to contest Lok Sabha election 2019 from Jangipur constituency. On Saturday, while addressing a rally, he said, “In this constituency the left had been in power for 34 years and before them the congress was there. Now the sitting MP of Jangipur is also from the Congress party. To say the fact, after independence, including Murshidabad this state was ruled by the CPI(M) and Congress party. Still, why this region is so lagged behind?” 

“The CPIM and Congress would fight among themselves. Sometimes it would lead to violent bloodshed. Instead, indulging in development, they harbored violence and hatred. The deprived minorities, who were affected mostly under their rule. CPI(M) and Congress are responsible for the present deprived, underprivileged plight of the minority. We saw the UPA government in the centre, now BJP is ruling but none of them did their job”, added Mr. Illyas. 

In his speech, Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, the President of Welfare Party also said, “After independence Congress was in the ruling position. There was a time when the left party allied with the UPA. TMC was also there. But the situation remained all the same, people of Jangipur remained neglected. All the political parties maintained the same sort of apathy to the people of Murshidabad. Both the Congress and CPI(M) ruined the Murshidabad district. Now with the TMC coming in the power, situation did not change. The fascist BJP ruling in the centre is tearing our country apart. And it is TMC in Bengal who are bringing the state at the verge of ruin. The people are not allowed to exercise their democratic right to vote. In the bygone panchayat and municipality corporation election Trinamool acted like authoritative force. They plundered the votes at the gunpoint, with bombs. People want the respite from the undemocratic grips of Congress and Trinamool”. 

Dr. Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas said, “Congress, CPI(M) and Trinamool all are identical. Congress is no less communal than BJP. One party directly speaks of  hidutva ideology while  the other one, uder the garb, ushers in soft-hindutva politics. BJP and RSS also increased significantly during the TMC regime. The harmad goon of CPI(M) has now been sheltered by TMC and BJP. So, the people want ultimate freedom, freedom from political shackles. They want Welfare party as an alternative value-based politics. The deprived, exploited people will speak up on their own. They will be able to snatch their rights back”.