TDN World Desk: After Ramachandra Guha, historian Irfan Habib hits out at the BJP government.

Speaking over the Police crackdown on the protesters in different parts of the country, he said, ” Even in colonial period we had not witnessed such suppression of dissent.”

In an Interview to PTI the octogenarian historian said that the present CAA stir cannot be seen as ‘Muslim outrage’ as large number of people from other communities also taking part in these rallies.

” The struggle is about India and about the future of democracy,” said the eminent historian.

Irfan Habib is also of the view that the policies incorporated by the Modi government are nothing but structuring the “long term project bof the Hindutva movement” and this project relies mainly on policy of “suppressing dissent and protest”.

Few days back historian Ramachandra Guha participated in a CAA protest rally. But, he was detained by Delhi police. Guha speaking to media also expressed concern over state of ‘democracy’ in country.