Photo: The Hindu

TDN World Desk: A;long with other countries the pandemic coronavirus reched India as well but that doesn’t deter the protesters from taking to streets. On Wednesday, according to a Times Now report, over 1 lakh people walked in a march against CAA,NPR,NRC in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The protest was organised by the Tamil Nadu Towheed Jaamat. The protesters urged the Tamil Nadu government to pass resolution aginst CAA, NRC, NPR.

K. Gulam Thasthakeer, district president, TNTJ told the Hindu, “The Tamil Nadu government has asked for clarification of a few questions and has put the work on hold. However, we want them to pass a resolution to stop it from being conducted.”

“There are illiterate people in several parts of Tamil Nadu who will not be in a position to show any of the documents asked during the census, because of which they will later be thrown into detention camps,” he added.

On Tursday Prime Minister Modi gave call to observe a counry-wide curfew -namely ‘janta-curfew’ to curb the spread pandemic coronavirus. However, extending moral support to Prime Minister’s urge, the protester in various parts of the country will carry on their movements following social distancing, and wearing masks. Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh protesters have already thinned the protest site and allowing protesters to sit on dharna in shifts keeping one ,metre distance one from another.

This march month is very crucial for the anti-CAA,NPR,NRC protesters since 1 April the NPR exercise is set to begin unless scraped.