Mokter Hossain Mondal, TDN World Desk: The people of Jangipur, a constituency in Bengal’s Murshidabad, are not slaves of any political party. The people there will definitely respond against all the deprivations meted out to them in the upcoming election, said student leader Umar Khalid. 

On Thursday, while addresing an election rally on behalf of Jangipur’s Lok Sabha candidate Dr. Quashem Rasul Illyas, Khalid said, “There is no single university in Murshidabad. The people of Jangipur are deprived of their rights. They need to answer against all the deprivations as they are not slaves of any political parties.” 

He also slammed the congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee, who is importantly the son of former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. Besides Congress, he also criticized the ruling TMC government for their alleged “hooliganism” in the last panchayat poll. 

In his 8.54 minutes short lecture Umar Khalid mentioned about the different languages and other diversities in the country. He alleged that this diversity is under attack. He said that the BJP government came in power with the promise of prosperity and curbing corruption. But, instead fulfilling their promises they are spreading hatred to destroy the ‘unity in diversity’ of the country. 

He said, as a student in JNU they have seen how Modi government have assigned the top governing post in the university to someone who is from their own ideology. He gave examples of how the modi government is placing their own people in the autonomous institutions of the country. 

He also slammed the ruling TMC government in Bengal for their undemocratic behavior. He criticized Mamta Banerjee for allegedly carrying out election on force, and for putting muzzle on the mass opinion and not keeping her promises. 

During his poll address Umar Khalid raised the question, as to why Pranab Mukherjee, who is the father of MP Abhijit Mukherjee, attended an RSS event. Umar Khalid also opined the that at surface level the opposition of the BJP by the Congress in Jangipur constituency is nothing but to beguile the common people. 

Besides Umar Khalid, the other speakers present on the stage have also mentioned how both the Congress and the leftists have deprived the people. Some of the leaders even termed the BJP, Congress and TMC party as “traitors”. 

Here this election rally organized by Welfare Party of India, a value based political party, was joined by Dr. SQR Illys who is the Jangipur candidate for the party. Among other leader former state president Dr. Rayees Uddin and several central leaders from Delhi were present.