The police terror against Dalit Agitation exposes the anti-Dalit face of BJP – WPI

Pic: The Article Today

Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: Welfare Party of India extends its support against the Dalit atrocities across India which led to the death of 9 dalit protestors.

In a press statement , issued on 3rd April,2018, Welfare Party of India alleged that the police terror and merciless action against the national band organized by Dalit organizations in protest to the Supreme court order diluting the strong provisions of SC/ST(prevention of Atrocities Act) exposes the Anti-Dalit face of the BJP Government.

Welfare Party’s National committees have also expressed their serious concern and anxiety over the death of nine Dalit protesters and  many who have injured after the police action.

The National President of WPI SQR Illyas directly raises finger to the role of the ruling Government , he says that the modi government failed to defend the case in Supreme Court with effective representation in favor of the SC/ST communities.The dilution of the act will give undue support to upper caste culprits who commit atrocities against Dalits and as a consequence the number of atrocities will increase across the country. The delay in filling the review petition in Supreme Court was deliberate and the central government has not taken any legal steps to retain the relevant provisions of the act. He strongly condemn excess action carried out by the police force in all the BJP ruled states.

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He further alleged that the mass scale violence has committed by the infiltrated elements of sanghaparivar  during the agitation. A parliamentary committee of all party representation must investigate the incidents.

” Welfare party of India extend our whole hearted support to the SC/ST communities in their historical battle for self respect and protecting their democratic rights. We appeal our party units all over the country to organise pretest programmes in support of the Dalit cause,” He added.