Photo: Tablighi men waiting to donate plasma

TDN World Desk: Few days back they were being blamed for spreading coronavirus, and held responsible for others’ death. But, time reveals truth. The same Tablighi Muslims have turned out to be savior – heroes by donating plasma for the recovery of other COVID-19 patients.

On Monday morning #TablighiHeroes came up to be top trends in India. over 1.7 lakh people took to twitter and hailed the Tablighi Muslims as heroes for donating plasma to treat other corona positive patients.

Earlier, Delhi government put out a separate statics in its COVID-19 website notification listing corona positive cases related to Tablighi Jamaat. The controversial move, however taken down after intervention of Delhi Minority Commission. Taking jibe to that move by Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government, one Twitter user wrote,
“Will Arvind Kejriwal put a separate list of Tablighis donating their plasma?”

Some Twitterati hit out at the media for blaming Tablighis as “super spreader” and using “Corona Jihad” tag levelled against them.

On Tuesday, Tablighi Jaamat leader Maulana Saad Kandhalvi issued a statement urging corona survivors to donate plasma to save lives from COVID-19.

“If there is a person suffering from COVID disease anywhere in the world, this should affect all humanity, “said Maulana Saad who tested negative for COVID-19.

“It is my humble request to all Muslims and especially da’wah workers who receive this message to come forward and show this act of kindness to humanity, and help the society and government by donating blood plasma to a sick person,” he appealed.

Plasma therapy is a treatment that requires the use of plasma collected from fully recovered people on patients currently suffering from the disease. Those who have fully recovered from COVID-19 are said to have antibodies in their plasma that may help expedite recovery of those critically ill due to the virus.

Recently the Tablighis were dehumanised, denigrated for the congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz. Even two Tablighis have died in Delhi quaranatine camps for negligence of treatment. But, inspite all these, the Tablighi Jamaat did not lose hope in humanity, they are coming forward to save others by donating plasma. They are the real heroes in this crisis of COVID-19 pandemic. They taught us how to counter hate with love!