TDN World Desk: An assistant professor of the English department at Jadavpur University was allegedly thrashed by women supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday.

The incident surfaced in the public domain on yesterday night when Professor Majumder described her ordeal through FB post.

“On my way back from an anti-CAA rally, I ran into a saffron outfit at 8-B area in Jadavpur, and got totally roughed up and hit by BJP ‘bhodromohilas’ (well-behaved women). I am fine, no lasting harm done, only shuddering at the infinite horrors in store for us,” she wrote.

“The saffron speaker was spewing naked hate speech against Muslims for a good few minutes, then turned and pointed at the campus and started saying ‘this University (JU) is the root of all evil, they all chant Allahu Akbar every day’. I snorted out loud, and shouted ‘mithye kotha’ (lying), twice. That is all it took. In seconds, I was surrounded by a mob of ‘mashima’ (aunt)-like women who started pushing me down and hitting me.”

Professor Majumder filed an FIR in the Jadavpur police station.

Reacting to the incident Jadavpur University Teacher’s Association (JUTA) said, as quoted by, “One of our colleagues, Diye eta Majumdar, was attacked by BJP activists near the Jadavpur 8-B area. We strongly condemn this political hooliganism.”

BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya who was present in the meeting denied the allegation.