Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: villagers and urban people came together in thousands as No NRC group held a rally protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act. Today’s rally that was scheduled to end at Corporation was taken out from Ramleela maidan. The protests swarmed over police barricades. As people poured in huge numbers, transport communication at SN Banerjee road got out of function. People of various backgrounds participated in the protest march. Poets, artists,dramatists and activists were present in Today’s rally. Students from various Colleges and Universities shouted slogans with demands to ‘Free India from NRC and Narendra Modi’. People in groups sang songs. The repeated murmur of anti-BJP slogans filled the air. People gave call to revoke Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and Citizenship Act of 2003.

The protestors alleged that by not paying heed to employment, food, security, the Modi government is resorting to communal politics to polarize people on religious line.

People who participated in the rally told TDN World that close to 13,000 people have joined the anti-Citizenship march. Irrespective of their social, religious background- the Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, day labourers came together demanding complete withdrawal of this Citizenship Act.

Today, here from this rally people also called to break the detention camps.

In the first run, this ‘No NRC Movement’ has made their appearance through a Facebook group. And call for today’s rally was also given on Facebook first. But people’s turn out in so many numbers astonished the organizers. One more distinctiveness of this rally was that none of the protesters carried any party flags. The protesters held national flag in their hands.