Abdur Rafique in a Film Workshop (Source: SIO of India)

TDN World, Kolkata: Abdur Rafique , Ex-General Secretary of SIO of India (Student Islamic Organisation of India) alleged that Mamta govt is keeping up with communal attitude toward minority issues. While delivering his speech, in a student rally, led by SIO of India, from Techno India to Bikash Bhavan under the theme of “Re-define Education, Implement Reservations, Eradicate Unemployment”, he said, “Mamata Govt’s stance regarding Aliah University and Madrasa manifests a communal attitude”.

Mr Nuruddin Sah, a prominent author of child literature goes one step further he allegedly said, “Mamta Banerjee’s minority policy polarises Bengal in communal line.” Mr. Sah questions Govts decision of the monthly allowance of money for the Imam which is given away from the minority Waqf Board. says that on the basis of this allowance for the Imams, communal forces are gaining hold in Bengal. They are highlighting the issue as minority appeasement. “Mamta Banerjee’s minority policy polarises Bengal in communal line”, he said.

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“There is no similarity in CM Mamta Banerjee’s word and action , ” Mr. Sah also added stating, “after coming to power Mamta Banerjee said that 10,000 Madrasa has been established in Bengal. But there is no truth in it.”

Here in this massive protest march, organised by SIO West Bengal demands were made on 13 issues concerned to education such as-

  • Syndicate rule in colleges will not be tolerated.
  • Why NCP is not maintaining it’s guidelines accordingly.
  • Aliyh Univesity should be given minority status.
  • Historical Hooghly Madrasa should be opened again.
  • MSC recruitment should be expediently carried out.
  • Deprivation in right to Educational will not be tolerated.
  • Quick resolution should be taken in the employment of PSC candidates.

And several other demands are also made.