By Staff Reporter, TDN World, Kolkata: The newly formed Bankura Zilla Parishad consisted of 46 members.The entire city of Bankura witnesses a festive furore of green colour spray as jubilant people here celebrates the renewed board-set-up.All the 46 candidates,who are declared victorious without any contestant from opposition sides,are from Trinamool Congress.Although there was no opposition party candidate, there persisted a tug of war for the post of president and vice-president within the party. However, having received instruction from the Trinamool Congress supremo Mamta Benarjee, Santanu Sen, the state representative and MP from Trinamool Congress buries the hatchet by declaring the name of president and vice-president.And with this declaration, the atmosphere turned into cheerfulness making both the supporters and workers happy.

It is to be noted that in Bankura District there are around 2,44,000 minority Muslims.Beside them, here the minority population also includes the Christian, Buddhist,Jain. Still not a single minority figure is there in the Zilla Parishad membership.But why there is no presence of a single Muslim candidates among the 46 members when there are thousands hundreds of Muslim people living here, question are being fingered at. Many are also raising question -if there is no single Muslim representative what is the point of criticising the BJP, is it all for making publicity out of it? Controversy upsurges over it in social media. Muslim leaders also vented their ire over the issue.