TDN World, Mokter Hossain Mondal: Since, before we pass through NRC, our Citizenship is not proved, you all are illegal citizens as well. At this moment all are illegal citizens? When NRC will be carried out, people will prove their Citizenship and they will be officially citizens? According to this rule, many illegal immigrants ( As per BJP’s 2003 Citizenship Amendment Law) or illegal citizens (As per BJP’s Citizenship Amendment Act 2109) were or are now MPs,MLAs and service holders. How is it possible? Why make so much contradictory stands?

That you are a public representative where is proof to it? Voter ID Card ? Aadhar card? Ration card? If these are your supporting documents, then why not for others? And if NRC is the acid test of citizenship, then you being illegal citizens how can assume power? Voted by the illegal people, how the ruling and opposition parties can legislate Citizenship Act and make politics over it? Is it not true that this law is a direct humiliation to the governing system that is in the run for 72 years long, since independence? Why the people have to find out their papers dated back to 1948? The administration, government’s own documents’ records, IB records are too worthless to take into account? ‘A singular Mistake’ ( if happened so) on this process, how this government, nominated by the illegal citizens, would be counted as valid? What you people are saying, and doing, have you ever given it a thought?

( The writer is a journalist. Views are personal.)