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Kolkata – To restore democratic atmosphere in the state all the secular parties have to come together in the coming election, said SQR Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India.

He made this remark during a two-day visit to Bengal. While addressing a press conference in Kolkata on Sunday he said, ” Democracy and rule of law are being murdered in West Bengal by the TMC government . Nominees of the opposition parties were not allowed to file nomination during the last panchayet election. Campus elections are not being held. Opponents are politically targeted. They are being implicated in false cases. On the other hand, BJP is thriving out of communal issues. People of Bengal want to get rid of both of the parties – the fascist BJP and anti-Democratic TMC. Secular people in the state will have to come forward to form an alternative government.”

” People want food, job and security. But, the BJP is busy in playing communal cards – fuelling issues like Mandir, Masjid and thus polarising people on communal line. To counter the surge of BJP in the state, TMC is minimizing the development issues and treading on the path of soft Hindutva. This politics of religion, both by the TMC and BJP, will bring no good to the people of Bengal. Development is not possible if they indulge in dividing people,” added Dr Ilyas.

Asserting hope, Dr Ilyas further said,” People of Bengal are politically conscious. They had played very crucial role in the freedom movements against the British-rule. In the coming days they will exercise their voting right for the victory of a secular force.”

Welfare Party’s State President Mansa Sen, National Vice President
Dr Raisuddin, National General Secretary Sheema Mohsin, State General Secretary Sarwar Hasan were also present at the press meet.

While speaking about the party’s election strategy for 2021 assembly election in Bengal State President Mansa Sen hinted at possible alliance with the Left-Congress.

On Sunday afternoon the party leadership joined a meeting with a group of Intellectuals of Bengal. There they had discussion over the topic – ” Present Political Scenario & 2021 Assembly Election in Bengal”.
Many prominent personalities including Md Quamruzzaman of All Bengal Minority Youth Federation was present in the round-table discussion. It has been finalized that Welfare Party will contest the upcoming assembly election on ground of Justice, equality, to establishing value-based politics and regaining democracy and ensuring individual freedom, as it is vouched in the Indian constitution.