Own Correspondent, TDN World,Kolkata: After failure to get pemission at Rani Rashamani Road, the displeased imams held programme blocking the Mayo road. As a result, on Wednesday city of Kolkata witnessed traffic jams in various places. Tough police refused to give the permission to organise the conference , Imams, Muezzins, and minority people from all over West Bengal gathered around the Tipu Sultan mosque. After the prayer at noon was over, there clamoured voice of uproar with anti-government slogans. It is only to please the BJP permission was not granted for arranging this mass gatherings, which clearly points out negligence towards the minorities , Pirzada Taha Siddiqi and Kamruzzaman Molla, the leader of Imam movement concertedly put the allegation.
Muhammad Kamruzzaman, the state president of Minority Yuba Federation and the convenor of this meeting said, ” the program for the right of the minority was scheduled to be held at Rani Rashamani Avenues.But just 24 hours before the programme begins Lalbazar police declined the permission.Along with that, police prohibited the public demonstration and mass-gathering . It was informed to the convener of the programme.The Chiefminister should apologize for the kind of treatment meted out to the Imams. Donations will be offered to the Pujo committees from the treasury of the state government but the Imams are not provided with their due increment of endowment,though this money comes from the revenue of the Waqf assets. The Imams will no more tolerate this double-standard behaviourism . TMC government’s present behaviour matches with the ending hours of CPI(M) government’s regime. After Chiefminister met Rajnath Singh this programme was cancelled. Was it to please the BJP?”

On Wednesday , along with the BJP, from this gatherings criticism were made against the TMC also. Allegation was brought against Trinamool government that they failed to keep their promises regarding the minority development. TMC government is not putting efforts to retrieve the Waqf assets, recruitment in Madrasas, to solve the unaided Madrasa problem. So, Muslim leaders vented their ire.

Pirzada Taha Siddique, the General Director of Furfura Sharif remarked that behind cancellation of the mass-gathering state BJP played the underpinning role.He said, after chief-minister’s talk with BJP’s central minister Rajnath Singh , our conference was canceled. This decision by the government is to please the state BJP. Yet, overlooking the police instructions thousands people huddled on the streets around Tipu Sultan mosque.

It is for the knowledge of Chief-minister, remember this is we the minority people who hurled the CPI(M) government into the river Ganga. If this government continues to play the same deceptive role, it will cost not much time to throw them into the river Ganga. While talking over the government’s donations for the Ganga Sagar Mela from the Government fund and the increase in holidays for Puja festivals, he said, Our Hindu brothers are getting holidays without seeking for, whereas the Muslims, despite repeated appeal, are not having a two-days long holiday for Eid.”Those minority people who worked well under TMC government, sacrificed life for the party, they also remained at the backfoot. Actually there are many TMC workers who work for TMC in the daylight and work for the BJP at night. Chief minister should remember that she is not the representative of any single community, she is the Chief minister of Bengal, so everyone should be treated equally”.

The Muslim leaders said, Muslims are deprived now as they were under the Left regime.Like CPI(M), TMC is also truing to cash Muslim votes by showing the BJP gimmick. On this occasion,along with Imam, Muezzin, Alamgir Sardar, the state secretary of Jamiet Ahle Hadis, Israul Mondal from Bengal Madrasa Education Forum, Faruk Ahamed, the editor of Udayar Akash, Saha Alom of Amanat Foundation and others were present here. Police were deployed in huge numbers so that no untoward event take over surrounding the rally. Police . Ahead of Rani Rashamani road, along with Dharmatala, Mayo road and in few other places police erected barricades. Despite the close vigilance of the police, a caravan was turned into a stationary stage to hold the conference and the loudspeakers were fastened over the caravan.