Photo: The Telegraph

TDN World Desk: Buisnessmen at one of the largest markets in Tripura on Saturday organised gaumata puja (cow worship) to “save the people of the country from the threat of novel coronavirus” , The Telegraph repoted.

Gautam Shill, the priest and secretary of Maharajganj Bazar told repoters that they have organized ‘gaumata puja’ to curb the spread of coronavirus. The market association offered puja to seven cows for to save people from the looming threat of the coronavirus.

Speaking to The Telegraph the priest said, “We believe worshipping gaumata would avert the spread of the virus. So, today we performed Brahma Puja, which is being performed for the last 30 years, we also worshipped gaumata to save the country.”

The priest also told reporters that they believe in consuming cow urine as it has the potential to cure coronavirus.“Yes, we believe consuming cow urine could cure coronavirus because some scientists are preparing a medicine using the ingredient. If possible, everybody should drink cow urine,” he said.

as per worldometre, 332 cases have been reported in India whiledeath toll climbed to 5. In Tripura 95 people were kept in isolation after they showed possible symptoms.

Recently Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha hosted a ‘gaumutra party’ in Delhi to avert coronavirus.