Photo courtsey: The Wire

TDN World Desk: Two filmmakers, who recently attended the international short film festival at Raipur in Chhattisgarh as jury members, were detained by Kotwali police and questioned for nearly 24 hours.

The bothering incident happened on Thursday. On their way to returning home-town, Bengaluru, the two filmmakers – Niki Nirvikalpa and Falah Faizal made an unplanned visit to Nagpur. And it was when the misfortune befall on them.

Speaking to, Nirvikalpa explained their side of the narrative, “Since we were in town (Nagpur) and had a few hours to kill, we decided to move around the city. When we saw the RSS headquarters and since this was the first time, we were even seeing it, we decided to halt by and take pictures.” And after a few minutes they were taken to local Kotwa Police station in Nagpur and questioned almost for 24 hours long.

The duo were released the following day, on Friday.

Niki told The Wire that they were questioned by over 30 policemen. Some of them were officials from state Anti-Terrorism squad (ATS) and intelligence bureau (IB).

Nirvikalpa and Faizal alleged that during their illegal detention their mobile phones have been accessed by the police. They even scanned their contacts and phone memory content and also checked his social media accounts, email ids.