TDN World Desk: A 39-year-old man who worked as home delivery boy for a private restaurant in Delhi has died on his way back home after he walked for 200kms.

The deceased man has been identified as Ranveer Singh, hailing from Badfra village, Morena District in Madhya Pradesh.

As TOI reports, the victim on his way back home collapsed near kailash more of national highway-2 while walking on foot. As soon as mr Singh fell on the ground a local hardware store owner Sanjay Gupta rushed to assist him.

after vicims death body was taken to mortuary for postmortem, CO Hariparvat, IPS Saurabh Dixit said, “The autopsy revealed heart attack as the cause of death, but considering his travel history , we assume that exhaustation of long walk might have triggered his existing heart condition.”

Ranveer is survived by three children including two daughters. He hailed from a poor family with peasant background and he was the sole bread-earner in his family.

Twitterai slammed the Modi government for it callosness to the poor migrant workers and not making proper arrangement to safeguard their lives.