TDN World Desk: A BJP lawmaker in Uttar Pradesh’s Barkhera has been booked for allegedly beating a police constable with shoes at a police post and robing his wallet and gold chain.

The police constable Mohit Gurjar said he had a dispute over the refund of a bike that he had bought for Rs 50,000. But, the seller Rahul couldn’t provide him valid papers to get his bike registered. Following this Gurjar insisted to refund his money.

On September 12 Rahul allegedly called Gurjar to Pilbhit Mandi Samiti gate to return his money. Local MLA’s nephew Rishabh and some other were present at the spot along with Rahul.

“When I reached the spot, they abused and thrashed me. They opened fire at me and I had a narrow escape. They robbed me of my gold chain and wallet and caused serious injuries to me,” the constable was quoted by

To save his life according to the Constable’s statement, he ran to Assam Police post road where he was allegedly beaten by local MLA Kishan Lal Rajpoot with shoes. The BJP lawmaker also robbed this constable’s wallet and gold chain.

Gujrar further alleged that the other police officers present at the scene did not come to rescue him. Even no action was when he lodged complaint. The police at Singarhi station took action only after the court order.

Reportedly, police filed FIR against 41 persons including Rajput, his nephew Risabh and Rahul under various section of Indian penal code for committing dacoity, attempting to murder and causing serious injury.