TDN World Desk: To what extent the otherization of the Muslims community has reached? Even the police now begins to talk in the language of the Hindutva politicians.

On Friday a top police officer in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut asked the Muslims who took part in a peaceful protests against the contentious Citizenship to go to Pakistan.

After offering Friday prayer Muslims came out of the mosque wearing black and yellow badge in show solidarity in the anti-CAA campaign on Dec. 20.

Pointing to those in black and blue badges, the police officer, identified as City SP Akhilesh Narayan Singh, said, “Yeh jo kaali aur peeli patti baande huye hain inse keh do Pakistan chale jao…khaoge yahan ka, gaoge kahin aur ka… Yeh gali mujhe yaad ho gayi hai. Aur jab mujhe yaad ho jaata hai toh mein naani tak pahunch jaata hun (The ones tying black and yellow bands, tell them to go to Pakistan. You eat here but sing praises of another place… This lane is now familiar to me. And once I remember, I can even reach your grandmother).” The Indian Express quoted SP Singh as saying after accessing a video clip shot in Lisari Gate, where this top cop has made this abusive statement.