Image credit: NDTV

TDN World Desk: Two FIR have been lodged in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj for painting houses with saffron colour forcibly, without taking the consent of the house owners.

As reported by NDTV, One of the residents has filed FIR gainst BJP leader and Uttar Pradesh Cabinet minister of Civil Aviation Nand Gopal Gupta, alleging that he sent men to paint the houses in saffron. Another FIR has been filed by a local businessman,identified as Ravi Gupta, against the BJP minister’s cousin Kamal Kumar Kesarwani as the main accused.

“All I want is that the constitutional safeguards to me as a citizen should not be tampered with. I should be allowed to live in peace,” Ravi Gupta told NDTV.

“I am a trader… no one should trouble me. I only said that I do not want to get my house painted. But I was abused and my house was forcibly painted,” Gupta expressed his grievance.

The case filed by another resident notes that “the men who painted the streets were sent by UP minister Nand Gopal Nandi”.

Visuals of the video clip recorded by businessman Ravi Gupta shows row of street houses painted with safron colour and even some hindu deities and religious symbols were portryaed on them.

One man can be heard in the video objecting the painting.”See how much this ‘goonda gardi’ (hooliganism) has increased,”said he.

Uttar Pradesh Police said they are probing the incident confirming FIR registered against the accused.

When contacted by media, the accused BJP Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi justified his stance. Gupta described the saffron painting as “development work”.