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New Delhi –  Welfare Party of India has called on the Modi-Shah government at the Centre to repeal the three anti-farmers laws and demanded incusion of MSP in the law.

Holding a press conference today, on Monday at the Press Club of India, New Delhi the party leadership has raised various issues along with farmers agitation.

Besides addressing various issues, from governt’s farm laws to arresting of students and activists etc., Welfare Party of India has announced that it will fight assembly election in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

SQR Ilyas, President of Welfare Party of India, said, ” A delegation of  Welfare Party of India met the farmer leaders and expressed solidarity with them. We want the government to repaeal the three anti-farmer laws and carry out a sincere discussion with the farmers.”

Dr Ilyas also urged the government to ensure the inclusion of MSP in the law and a package to immediate relief.

Expressing concern over the existing polticial scenario in the country, SQR Ilyas said,” At the present political scenario the country has reached to a pinnacle of degeneration. The real issues and the constitutional bindings which seek to protect the fundamental, political and civil rights of the people are not respected.”

From Monday’s press meet Welfare party slammed the Modi government at the centre and Yogi government in UP over the inroduction of “Love Jihad”.

“The BJP government in pursue of dividing the people on religious grounds has coined a new terminology ‘Love Jihad’ and aims to make it a law. Love Jihad is totally fake and has no legal sanctity and will not stand in the court of law. It is against Article 25 of the constitution. It is against the personal liberty of a person,” said SQR Ilyas.

WPI strongly condemned it ( Love Jihad) and demanded it to be withdrawn.

The party has also expressed concern over the prevalence of commuanl politics and failure of secular parties to prevent BJP’s rise.

“The rampant polarisation for electoral benefits, communal politics and jingoism is weakening the  polity in the country. The role of equally  secular parties are equally disappointing. They have failed miserably in checking the fascist BJP party on one hand and on the other hand are falling in trap to the narrative set by the communal BJP party and are towing its line,” said SQR Ilyas.

Highlighting the imprisonment of various youth leaders, and dissenting voices, SQR Ilyas said, ” the shrinking spaces of dissent which are the safety valve of a healthy democracy is a matter of concern.”

“The Fascist BJP government in the centre and in the state of Uttar Pradesh is demonising those who dared to dissent and speak up against the government’s contentious laws and policies,” added Dr Ilyas.

Welfare Party further condemned the arrest of a large number of Student, Muslim, Dalit, Tribal, Leftist, Intellectuals and Human Right Activists.

Welfare party mentions in its press  statement that these intellectuals, students and activits are subjected to preventive detention, surveillance, arrests on grave charges of sedition, criminal defamation and  terrorism and their properties are confiscated, and are subjected to harrassment. And describes it as “illegal and unconstitutional methods to suppress dissent”.

“WPI strongly condemned it and demanded the government to stop all such illegal and unconstitutional methods to suppress dissent and release all the innocents illegally detained/arrested and give them suitable compensation,” Said the party.

Welfare Party has also submitted budget proposal to the Ministry of Finance suggesting it to make the Budget inclusive, progressive and practical.

WPI demanded the government to have a thorough discussion debate and deliberation in the parliament on the budget before passing it as part of the participatory democracy.

The suggestions given by WPI to the Ministry of Finance  included special provisions in the budget for the marginalized sections, farmers, labour class, women,youth, urban poor, artisans, migrant workers and in some areas of economy, education and health.

Today’s press conference has been addressed by Dr S.Q.R Ilyas, National President, Welfare Party of India. Abdul Jabbar Siddiqui, National General Secretary. Ms. Sheema Mohsin, National General Secretary, Subramani Armugam, National General Secretary, Siraj Talib, National Secretary.