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New Delhi – Welfare Party’s national President Dr. SQR Ilyas called on US President-elect Joe Biden to provide a permanent solution to Plaestinian & Israeli problem.

Issuing a message of congratulations to the 46th President-elect Joe Biden, SQR Ilyas also urged him to pull out military from Iraq and Afghanista.

Congratulating President-elect Joe Biden for his thumping victory in the US election, SQR Ilyas said,” Hearty congratulations to Mr Joe Biden for becoming 46th President of United States.”

” I hope your leadership will help build a better world filled with peace and justice, help build strong bilateral relations with India and move towards building a better world free from hunger, exploitation, terror and violence and ending all military interventions, upholding sovereignity of other nations, giving permanent solution to Palestinians & Israel problem and pulling out military force from Iraq and Afghanistan,” said SQR Ilyas.

On Sunday US President-elect Joe Biden has addressed the nation, along with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Joe Biden likely to assume White House office in January. It is deemed that with Joe Biden being President of United States there will be a massive policy-shift in its handling of internal and foreign issues.