Own correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: The non-cooperation movement was known throughout India as the new leader, Mahatma Gandhi. New wind is coming again in the battle of the day? But this trend was seen but iftar majlis on the review of the Khilafat movement and the relevance of today, “return to the Khilafat” ceremony. This event was attended by former police Dr. Nazrul Islam and Prakashprasad Bhattacharya from the Middle East Specialist Indian History Congress, but also shook a youthful encounter in youth of various fields.
According to the organizer Dr. Abu Sayeed Ahmad, “Today, while spreading their pockets with nationalism, this is a bit of a scourge in the minds of people across India, and this small initiative is in our smallest ability to raise awareness of history, social awareness and law among people.”
Dr. Nazrul Islam also spoke about the different aspects of the history of the time, as well as the dangers of Brahmanism. Also, why the Muslims of India so much for the emperor of India? In response to the question, he said, “There is a danger in any part of the world. That danger can be mine, stand by the feeling.” Raju Singh, who was under state repression in the movement of the Bhangar movement, condemned the outspoken people of the people standing side by side in the battle of Bhangar. In this context, Kapasia’s warrior Yuba Saiful Islam would like to get all the well-wishers in front of the Noai Canal (formerly Lavanayabati River) and other problems. With the introduction of his statement, Moktar Hossain Mandal, a prominent journalist of Bengal, called for the creation of “the whole nation of mankind as a nation, forgetting all state discrimination united world”. Times Chief Editor of Times Mizanur Rahman highlighted the importance of alternative media in various marginal battles. Eminent social worker Abdul Basir and Dr. Sheikh Bashir Ali discussed the importance of their projects in their education, social and media spheres. They all agree that such discussions should be publicly in the public.

The Middle East expert and historian of the workplace in various countries of the world, Professor Prataprasad Bhattacharya read a special part of his work on the Ottoman Empire. In his speech, many unknown information about the ancient Assyrian civilization from terrorism Daish Apart from this, Titaghar’s labor leader Moksed Alam complained that “the importance of the Khilafat movement is being forgotten in India’s history.” Rupa Chakrabarty Khan of Aam Adami Party said, “Although the error of the Gandhists is erroneous, the importance of bringing people’s non-cooperation towards the Khilafat movement can not be denied,” said Swamiji. Among others, Education Minister Minhajur Rahman, Labor leader Akter Hossain and journalist Saifuddin Mollik were present in the discussion. Celebrating Iftar, social worker Shahid Mollah and emerging entrepreneur Altamas Kabir. The meeting ended with a promise to build a new country without exploitation.