TDN World Desk:Suggesting police biasedness towards the Muslims Telegana High Court on Wednesday asked Hyderabad police officials why they had booked a disproportionately high number of Muslims in relation to lockdown violation.”Does it mean that there are no violations from other communities,” a bench of Chief justice Raghavendra Singh Chauhan and Justice B Vijayasen Reddy asked while hearing a Public Interest Litigation filed by Social activists Sheela Sarah Mathews.

The bench asked DGP M Mahendra Reddy and the Hyderabad police commissioner to take stringent action against the cops who were involved in unfair dealing with the Muslims.

Reprimanding a section of the cops the judges also drew exampale of racial prejudice in U.S. which killed George Floyd that resulted into a wide-spread protest in the country.

“Look at what is happening in the US where an African-American was killed by the cops and the entire country is now burning,”said the judges,TOI quoted.

The PIL filed by the social activist states a number cases where police have allegedly treated with the Muslims unfairly. Muslim men such as Junaid,Mohammed Asgar,Mohammed Khaleem and Mir Alam have been victim of the inhuman treatment of the police.

Mohmmed Khaleem’s leg was broken after police rn after him when he was out to buy milk for his daughter. Mir Alam, a specially abled person was made to sit in police station. His did nothing except coming out to sell mangoes early in the morning.

Going by the cases the bench reprimanded the cops and said “Why are the victims in all these cases Muslims?”

The two judges bench asked the DGP to take action against the cop’ high-handed behaviour.
“Deal with delinquent cops in a stern manner and file a fresh affidavit by June 29”, said the bench.