TDN World Desk: several IAS officers, activista have urged to boycott NRC and Civil obidence against CAB. But human rights activist and former IAS officer Harsh Mander has gone a step furtjher. On Tuesday, taking to Twitter he said he would officialy declare himself as a Muslim if the CAB is passed and accept the fate of any undocumented muslims in the detention centre. He also called for a civil disobidience against the bill.

” If CAB is passed, this is my civil disobedience:
I will officially register Muslim. I will then refuse to submit any documents to NRC. I will finally demand the same punishment as any undocumented Muslim- detention centre & withdrawn citizenship. Join this civil disobedience,” his tweet reads.

Coming to Kolkata Kannan Gopinath, another IAS officer who resigned from his post protesting the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, raised similar appeal. He said people should reject NRC and urged not to submit any documents and thus, refrain from NRC process.