TDN World Desk: Union Home Minister Amit shah on Monday again reiterated on Implementing of Pan-India NRC. Speaking in a poll campaign in Jharkhand, Shah said the government would drive out all “illegal immigrants” before 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

“I assure you NRC will be implemented across the country and all infiltrators identified and expelled before 2024 polls,” The Indian Express quoted Shah as saying.

Amit Shah, also took jibe at its political opponent Rahul Gandhi.

”Rahul asks why we are implementing NRC, why we are expelling infiltrators, where will they go. Are these infiltrators his relatives? The BJP government will drive out each and every infiltrator from the country by 2024”, Shah said.

Amit Shah during parliamentary session in Rajya Sabha earlier on November said that before implementing pan-India NRC, Citizenship amendment bill will be tabled at the parliament. Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi said that NRC is creating fear among citizens. United nations also expressed concern over the proposed nationwide NRC policy as the international organization found it to be biased on religion line, targeting particularly the Muslims.