TDN World Desk: In a recent development Ramkrishna Mission and Math has distanced itself from Prime Minister Narendra Midi’s remark over Citizenship law. The spiritual and academic institution maintained that since it was strictly apolitical body, could not respond to “ephemeral” calls.

Through a press meet,Swami Suvirananda, general secretary of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, said, “The organisation will not comment on the Prime Minister’s speech on CAA. We are a strictly apolitical body. We have come here after leaving our homes to answer eternal calls. We do not respond to ephemeral calls.”

“We are an inclusive organization, which has monks from Hindu, Islam and Christian communities. We live like brothers of the same parents.To us, Narendra Modi is the leader of India and Mamata Banerjee, the leader of West Bengal,” Swami Suvirananda was quoted by TOI.

Prime Minister Narendra Midi’s visit at Belur Math, the head quarter of Ramkrishna Mission, evoked mixed reaction among the netizens.