TDN World Desk: Stray cattle has been a real concern for Uttar Pradesh Govt. Cows can be seen here and there, roaming across the roads, creating inconvenience for daily commuters. Reports of road accident came out many a time. Now Uttar Pradesh dairy development minister Laxmi Narain  Chaudhary came up with a solution to this problem by setting up safari Park for the stray cattle.

The minister has asked officials of his department to identify large tracts of land where stray cattle can be relocated and allowed to roam freely.

The minister told reporters that he would discuss over the idea with chief minister Yogi Adityanath very soon.

“These areas can be developed as safaris later on, like the one in Mathura where cattle are kept but not tied up and lots of people go and visit them,” Mr Narain said.

Narain also shared his view on the benefits cow safaris. He thinks it would give a new lease of life to stray cattle besides it would attract tourists.

The minister also urged people to come forward and adopt stray cattle.

He also asked nodal officers to inspect cow shelters between December 5 and 10 and arrange for adequate medicines and fodder for the cattle. The minister directed that the stray cattle should be protected from cold during winters.