Mokter Hossain Mondal, kolkata: Again a man gets fresh acquittal in terror related cases. Many people through out India are now being released after they have served a long term imprisonment in terror related cases. And as the judgements are coming into light , the role of some Of STS and NIA officials are allegedly questioned time and again. Many Human Rights organisation have also condemned over this arrest of innocent Muslim youth in false terror cases.

This time the victim is from kolkata. Mohammed Haroon  Rashid , a resident of Lidi para from Metiabruz’s Garden rich. Though on 5th February , Kumkum Sinha , the honourable judge of City Session court , grant his release, he was released from Presidency jail on 18th march evening.

After his release from jail Haroon told tdn bangla,
” on 17th July, 2012 few people came in my house in civil attire and they dragged me from my home. Though I knew nothing of what was going on, Police said they would tell me everything after I am taken to the police station. But they took me straight to Lalbazar instead of the local police station. And there they asked me my detailed address. Next day I was produced in the court . Till then I was not told about my offence and why I was arrested. Later, through my lawyer a came to know that I am charged with the case of possessing fake currency. After that police took me in remand. And while I was kept in remand they slapped other charges against me.”

In connection with the second case Haroon Rashid said to tdn bangla,” Suman Das, the manager of hotel Beauty Lodge lodged a complaint against me in Sealdah’s Muchipara police station. According to the case registered against me on 21st July,2012 , l had left a bag in the hotel, booked by me , room no 114 . In that bag documents of various banned organisations and materials needed to make bombs were found. But I am acquitted of all these false charges in the court and I got release from prison. ”

The charge sheet filed against him states that – Mohammed Haroon Rashid’s aim was to establish connections with Jais-e-Muhammed, SIMI, Indian Mujahideen and Darsgah-Jihad-O-Shahadat. It was also alleged that he arranged meetings and training camp to motivate Muslim youth to join in Jihad. But as all these allegations were proved false in the court, he was released. STF had arrested Mohammed Haroon.

” police forced me to sign a confessional note in a white paper. In my presence they printed out papers from internet and get them signed by me. It said that I had possessed jihadi books and leaflets. Based on these false charges an innocent man like me was locked into the prison cell for years. Two months after I am jailed, my son died. Life is moving through pain and misery. After 5 years and 9 months serving in prison , its mean after almost 6 years now I have been released. But the life wasted in the prison cell who will count for its worth? My family starved, my children’s education were not taken care of. My business was ruined ? What should I do now? In prison I prayed to Allah with tearful eyes and sought for justice. My request is that no one should be implicated in false cases like me anymore. As human beings that we are allowed to live,” added he.

Rashid’s elder son who is now a class vi student, said to tdn bangla ,”Today I am happy. When they arrested my father, I was in school. Then I was a little kid. I could remember nothing of that time. But we often meet him in jail. Local people would ask me when my father return,”

To share hr experience about the day of her husband’s arrest, Rafat Sultan told tdn bangla, “After the police came in civil dress and took my husband with them, I went to Garden rich and Metiabruz police station to lodge complaint. But police refused to take any charge. That day police forcefully entered into our house. They even didn’t ask for permission and tell us why he was being arrested.”

“This years I managed to run my family expenditure by taking loans from bank . Every night I prayed and cried for him. (Media publicly shamed ). But today his release news is not served through any media. Where are those media now who had falsely propagated over his terror allegiance ?,”said she while tears rolled down her eyes.

Mohammed Haroon Rashid is now thankful to Allah and expressed his gratitude to his lawyers. Miraj Ahamed, Nava Kumar Ghosh, Sahid Ansari,Fajle Ahamed these are the lawyers who strived hard to prove his innocence.

Nava Kumar Ghosh was the chief lawyer of City Session Court in Haroon’s case. He said to tdn bangla, ” Mainly he was accused of three charges. Even charge of being Anti-National was also registered against him. Even allegations were made that he was involved in jihadi activities. But all allegations against him annulled by the court.”

42 years old Mohammed Harun has returned home. For long times of absence to him known faces seems to be something different. There within the confinement of jail he studied over laws. He was projected as a terrorist through the media. If something happened wrong , the name of Metiabruz’s Mohammed Haroon would have been involved and as a source information media would add this or that intelligence agency source to back their news stories. Now those chapters have gone past. Harun wants to begin his life afresh with a new zeal. He demands to ensure that Human rights should not be violated. No innocent people should suffer like him anymore . In a democratic country like India it is to be ensured that its every single citizen is meted out proper justice.