TDN World Desk: After ANI News, this time Zee News was caught spreading false report over Tablighi Jaamat. On Thursday, Arunachal government has marked out the false news peddled by Zee News in its TV channel.

Pro-BJP Broadcasting channel Zee News claimed “There are 11 positive cases of coronavirus in Arunachal Pradesh which have connections with the Delhi’s Tablighi Jamaat.”

Arunachal Pradesh government rubbished the claim calling out the report was false and unauthentic. Arunachal Pradesh Information and Public Relations Department (Arunachal DIPR) on Thursdau, 9 April, stated in its Twitter handle that the state has got only one Corona positive case. And the claim by Zee News was false.

social media users demanded strong action aginst Zee News for making false report and targeting one particular community.

Taking to Twitter, Arijit Mukherjee said,”This is not mistake.This is terrorism.Zee News is trying to break the unity of India.Fir should be lodged against sudhir Chaudhury”.

Earlier alt news, a fact finding news outlet, has debunked a series of fake news related to Tablighi Jaamat.