TDN World Desk: Mob lynching has become a day-to-day phenomenon. This time in Jaharkand Tabrez Ansari, a 24-year old Muslim man was attacked in suspicion of theft. Besides, the mob can be heard forcing Ansari to chant ” Jai Shri Ram” and ” Jai Hanuman” while surrounded by the furious mob Tabrez is seen pleading to stop assault on him Tabrez died on Saturday, 22 June in Hospital succumbing to his injuries.

The incident took place in Dhatkidih village of Jharkhand’s Seraikela. The video of beating Tabrez by frenzied mob has widely been circulated in social media. On Tuesday, Tabarez was tied to a electric post for allegedly stealing a motor bike. Then mob beaten him mercilessly. Later police rescued him and took him to a nearby police post.

Two contrary narrative coming up regarding Tabrez being involved in theft.

According to the account of Seraikela Police Superintendent, as quoted by Hindustan Times, ” Tabrez was caught red-handed by the villagers while stealing motorcycle. He was beaten up. Several stolen materials were also recovered from his house.”

However Tabrez’s realtive claims that he didn’t stole anything. He didn’t have any criminal record. It is because he is a Muslim he was killed.

Maqsood Alam, Tabrez’s uncle told told Hindustan Times, ” Let us assume he was caught for theft, but tying him up and beating him up for hours and then asking him to chant Jai Shri Ram is shocking.”

Another relative if Tabrez told NDTV, ” There, a motorcycle theft took place and the people were passing by.. so the villagers caught them and them beat him up very badly. There were two friends with him who ran away. “

Tabarez’s elder brother alleged that he was threatened by Police while he went to the police station and wanted to meet his brother in lock-up.

However after Tabrez dies, the main accused Pappu Mandal who instigated mob in lynching him was arrested.

AIMIM Supremo Asaduddin Owaisi condemned the lynching of Tabrez.

He took to Twitter on Monday,
” This is the pattern with almost all lynching. First, a Muslim is murdered by cow lovers. Then most ridiculous excuses begin: a ‘suspicion’ of beef possession, theft, smuggling and love Jihad”

He also took dig at PM Narendra Modi’s promise after winning 2019 election to earn ‘sabka viswas’ slogan regarding the minorities (mainly Muslim) saying, ” So much Sabka Viswas when we can be killed over mere ‘suspicion’.”