TDN World Desk: A Kashmiri taxi driver sets an example of honesty as he returned the lost bag of a tourist family containing cash and jewellery worth Rs 10 lakhs in Jammu and Kashmir’s Sophian district, sources said on Tuesday.

Tariq Ahmed found the bag, which also had three high-end mobile phones in it, at the Aharbal tourist spot in Shopian, officials said.

Tariq put effort to ensure that the bag is returned to its rightful owner. He pursued the bags and expected phone calls in one of three phones.

“Tariq worked hard to trace the family and finally returned the bag that contained cash, gold and smartphones worth over Rs 10 lakhs,” the Tourism Department sources said.

The family has expressed gratitude at Ahmed’s noble and honest gesture. And Ahmed refused to accept anything from the family.

For his noble honest gesture, Ahmed has been hailed in social media.

One twitterati namely Umair Khan sharing the news on his wall wrote,
” The true side of Kashmiri people. Thanks Tariq bhai for making my hometown feel proud.”

Sheikh Maroof Feroze wrote,
” Kashmir is not only called paradise for its beauty but also for its incomparable hospitality or what we call, the Kashmiriat”.