Own Correspondent, TDN World:
Malda’s Sujapur holds the second largest Eid al-Fitr namaz congregation in the state after Kolkata. Over 1.5 lakhs people attended here to offer namaz.
Today, after one month of fasting devout Muslims thronged to the Sujapur open ground to offer Eid al-Fitr namaz. From Children to adults, adults to elders all celebrated the festival with integrated exuberance.

People from far away participate in this holy gathering. On Wednesday, amid rains people from neighbouring villages came out with umbrella, some by motorbike, some afforded on-way carriages, some made it by foot and appeared together to offer Eid al-Fitr namaz. Kaliachak’s Ead ground brimmed with people.

Apart from Kaliachak, Sujapur, Manikchak, Harishchandrapur, people hailing from neighbouring Jharkhand and Bihar state also come to perform namaz. Irrespective of their political beliefs, all people throngs here. The district police have also extended strong security.

Followed by Kolkata Red Road, the second largest Eid al-Fitr celebration held here. People feel proud to be a part of the huge congregation emerging here.

Many of the Muslims who have been present here on the Eid prayer ground, said they are thankful to take part in such a great congratulation. Witnessing the cloudy sky, sensing that rain might come some people came out with umbrella in hands. After the namaz was over, people showed integrity, and departed Eid ground with smiling face, hugging each other.