Syed Azharuddin, TDN World: Bulandshahr which is around 60Kms from capital of India, where lakhs of people live without ideas but with art, which is branded by so-called corporate, I used to call them as agents which can be easily understood by most of Indians.
….marginalized communities with art are being ruled by corporate.
Born and brought up in Bulandshahr, studied 3 years in a school which was run and management by welfare organization and headed by his father, later joined government school and changed again, again and again. Till the completion of 10th he changed 5 schools.
Interestingly when he was in class 3 i.e. 1996-97, he use to sell Churan (a type of snacks used in north India specially), and each pack of it was of a cost 25 paisa (0.25 rupees). This idea was developed and turned it into a small shop which is to be open in interval and lunch hours during the schooling time.
….sometimes situations and environment around one’s life make them to reach heights.
When he was in class 8, he converted his small shop into a big one from 2001 to 2004, he earned from it handsome amount to support his family. This was the time; he got introduced to computer. Once he was in a computer shop where people were designing the posters, handbills, etc and the same he used to find the things in and around city at walls, hoardings and in public places, that made him to work in the same field to design and he got interest in the field of art and design.
….once the things which attracts you will be your passion.
One fine day, a little known boy with the interest to design and see his posters around the city went to the shop and asked owner,
Sir, can I get a job..?
Any work…!
I want to learn how to design by working here…
Even I am ready to be an office boy…
I can clean the shop daily and can bring tea for you as many times you order…
But in free time please give me chance to watch the work you are doing on computer…
Seeing the commitment and interest, the owner offered him a job of office boy at his computer shop.
The journey of little guy began here…
….interest and commitment to learn things will make you to reach your goals in life.
After few days working there, he left and thought to join studio for the work but the owner said, u are interested in design but our studio works on passport size photo and other photography works.
Later, he joined in a press to design, but there, they used to give the work of typing, editing etc which was not of his interest but they used to pay him 3000 per month along with some allowances. During the time he was active in students’ Islamic organization of India (SIO), which is one of the largest organizations of students and youth.
Student organizations without political support collect funds from volunteers to organize the events, in the similar way in a meeting of SIO they decided to contribute one day salary of working associates.
Oh…! Its 105 Indian rupees which is big amount for me.
I am committed for social service work, and then I need to pay.
But how can I ask my parents?
The salary which I get is not enough.
Many such questions were arising in my mind but decided to pay 105 Rs and also I shouldn’t ask to parents about it.
….the example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing. (Quran)
My father taught me to help the people in need…
He taught to spend from the money which I had…
I have to give 105 and I will by the end of the month…
….hope you people are thinking who is HE…? Whose son is he?
He is Shoeb Shahid from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh son of a private teacher but an inspiring personality.
Shoeb after giving money to SIO, says no one forced from the organization to pay. It was my interest and teachings of my father to contribute for the right cause.
(Hope you people are thinking, from where did he pay such a big amount from his small salary, which is impossible for his at that situation and condition?)
Shoeb instead of going by bus/auto to work place, he walked for 10 days and saved the total amount of Rs 105.
….really inspiring and a great lesson for youngster to balance the family and social responsibility.
Till completion of 9th class, Shoeb’s friends and teachers don’t know that he used to work in a press, designing work and similarly colleagues in press don’t know that he is a student. Somehow one day the secret of Shoeb got leaked in college, friends made fun of him as he was working and teachers got surprised as he is earning while learning. At last, he left the job due to this menace and this made his family to suffer as his earning was stopped.
…..sometimes we hurt our friends, but it affects his/her entire family.
Somehow he managed months together, it was tough time to Shoeb and his family. Yet his father was the man of courage and faith. Always encouraged him and motivated him at his best.
Its 2007, summer vacations. Shoeb don’t want to waste his time, the spark in his heart to become artist was still alive. He travelled to Delhi from Bulandshahr; he visited one of the top studios…
Mr. Shoeb narrates his experience in New Delhi as follows,
Near Delhi University there was studio, I went inside the Director’s cabin directly asked for Job and introduced myself as,
I am Shoeb Shahid from Bulandshahr, as if I came from Europe or America….
Director looking at my courage and passion to work hired me for small amount of salary.
Next day, he assigned me the work of cutting the passport size photos in his studio.
Sir, I came here to learn and work as designer, this is not my work of interest.
Without second thought he left the job.
….busy roads will also look like empty, when you are alone.
Roaming on the roads, staying with friends in there sharing rooms was tough time. Yet, the passion to become artist made Shoeb to face all odds.
While seeing the advertisement boards, hoardings, Shoeb use to sit on roads with paper and pencil and used to draw the things.
Delhi roads were classrooms for him. He used to walk daily from one place to another.
On day, he moved to Dariyagunj Old Delhi from New Delhi.
Dariyagunj a hub of printers and printing press, where mostly Urdu literary works will be carried out, I joined in a shop for 45 days.
The owner of a small shop was very much happy after seeing my few works, as he wants to test me. Then he assigned me correction work of few designs, later gave the task to design 3 cover pages of book and paid Rs 200 per book cover.
….earning with hard work and passion will have sound sleeps in nights.
Back to village, after 10th in 2008
Meanwhile in 10th he used work for free, to design the logos of small shops, pamphlets, posters of SIO, etc and then he bought new computer and installed Photoshop 7.0 and worked first for his beloved student’s organization. Still he is working on same version as a sentiment and love towards the software.
In summer vacation of 2008 again came to Delhi, but didn’t earned any work but used to watch hoardings and its design at Connaught Place, this time he used to pinpoint the designs and try to make best design out of it.
….any big organization or company has their own designer and they pay handsome amount.
Top companies work, were done by top designers and there is no need to join any top institution to learn, this was his own theory. He used to see, analyse and design on paper with pencil whenever he get an idea during the journeys and looking word around him., and I used to raise the questions, why, how, what made designer to design like this…. This work continued for 2-3 years, said Mr. Shoeb when asked about how you learn artistic work.
As, family conditions was very bad, Shoeb joined a call center to earn and support the family for 6 months that salary was also not enough at that time. Later he joined in his uncle construction company to earn the money only no self satisfaction, also helped in import and export of vegetables business of his relatives.
In 2010, he was feeling guilty as the work he was doing was against his nature. He was still associated to SIO from where he learned the ethics of life, met the president of it Mr. KK Suhail and and detailed discussion and with guidance of KK Suhail he went to Mumbai.
Mr Shoeb stop for a while and with heavy voice said, “Mumbai life another bitter experience but I have no other option to work there at any cost”. This was the time, I became found of reading online books and literature other than traditional books. I joined as assistant at cinematographer, to learn about camera, photograph. (I idea to work in this industry is after attending workshop of SIO).
….world is round; we reach to the place from where we started.
Shoeb joined in flex shop for 5000 and 3000 was his room rent and used to eat only one time a day. Before that his father used to send some money for his expenses.
Suddenly smile on my face why?
Because I got the work, which I wished for…
Designer from Delhi called me, and assigned task. The project was of Mumbra. Without haaving 2nd thought accepted the assignment.
No lunch….! No snacks….!
Only work, work and work perfectly, and many hoarding in Mumbra and around the city made tahelka.
….farmers prays for rain but heavy rains sometimes destroy the entire crops in the field.
Got offer of 10,000 but the work was not of designing, worked for 3 days and went back to same place of designing.
With the help of cinematographer, he worked on a documentary of Dilip Sahib, to edit during the work he went to Kerala and learned many things form them and got ideas of new dimensions. Meanwhile done with graduation facing all odd situations, as education makes people to be more moral and ethical in all situations of life said Shoeb.
Again back to Bulandshahr from Mumbai. Worked on a project to start a institute but failed and wasted 9 months in 2014. No one was happy at home, as Shoeb left job, failed in the project he want to start. Now, ball is in the court of my beloved Abbu (father), he asked me to join a course of teachers training and seek a job and took admission without uttering a word.
Mr. Shoeb was on the way home,
I am failed…? | Did I lose my passion…? | I am not committed to my profession…?
During breaks in course I joined, I used to visit Dariyaganj frequently, but didn’t get work there unexpectedly.
Knocked the doors of 250 publishers.
With frustration of not getting job,
“Aap Qabil aadmi hain aap hi jaan saktey hai mai kya kar sakta hun….” Shoeb shouted.
….friends are friends, they will help like angels in bad times.
A friend helped him and asked him to stay in his room and another friend gave him a laptop to work in New Delhi for few days.
Never got a work, he went to Penguin, Rajkamal, etc but none gave the work and Shoeb too was not making them satisfied.
At last he knocked the door of Speaking Tiger Publication which is was new at that time and met Pooja Ahuja head of designing work and when asked for work she too said, I am enough for the work which is here.
But I can help you to provide the contact of Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh designing head Suman Parmar.
Shoeb said, I already went to Rajkamal publishers but I didn’t get work.
With kind and humble voice Pooja said, go to corporate office and give my reference.
After reaching Editorial Director’s office, found that he was on leave for 45 days.
Oh God….!
One and Half month…
Yes with patience, I waited for concerned person.
….patience gives success it also tests.
Director agreed to give me the task to design the cover book.
Done with first assignment and here, success story begins…
Satisfied with my work company offered the Job cover design of Hindi literary books and my father was with me and was much happy than ever but I didn’t accepted the Job but worked as freelancer.
In 4 years designed more than 400 book covers for various publication houses and among them many are in bestselling books of the time.
After the launch of first book which Shoeb designed, he was talk of town in that ceremony and he felt as if he is the celebrity of that night, and then got introduced to many big writers in various events and especially in world book fair.
In general, author’s signs a book for the readers, but the designs made by Shoeb made readers to ask for his autograph.
Shoeb didn’t rejoined the teacher training course and with enough experience. He started his new private limited company.
It’s PARWAAZ CREATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED – Shoeb Shahid (Founding Director)
Now he has clients from London, Dubai, Malasiya, Qatar and from many parts of India. DPS of many cities, NAPM, Dainik Jagran, Rajkamal Prakashan Samuh, Vani Prakashan are few of his big clients.
Anyone has a passion in designing and art, can mail Mr. Shoeb Shahid ([email protected] ). He can either hire you or make you an entrepreneur.

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