mariyam Raza Khan With her Family

TDN World Desk: Girls are not lagging behind with boys. Girls are signing their talent everywhere today. Even they are moving forward in  different competitive  exams. Recently the result of twelfth class was published. Maryam Raza Khan  is the best in the state of Bihar. She  is the daughters of a backward muslim family.

This is the clear example of the backward society that can move forward in the main stream. The result of the twelfth class of CBH has  been published on last Thursday. In that Maryam got 489 of the 500 number which 97.8 percent. She is a student of Naterdem Academy.

She got 100 of the 100 in Chemistry and Informetix Practice. Besides she got 95 in Physics and Mathematics. Her father, Tareek Raza Khan is the director of a school and mother, Sahina Raza Khan is the principal of Raza International Girls School. They said, “She is better at studying from childhood.” She is always in good results. Maryam said, “I want to be IAS officer in future.”