Mokter Hossain Mondal, TDN World, Kolkata: Years back BJP offered him to take the Governor post, but he declined to assume it. This time, he is fighting election from heavy weight Jadavpur constituency. Former IPS Nazrul Islam is known as an honest officer. He retired in 2014 following a fallout with Mamta Banerjee.

He told TDN, ” Our constitution has certain provisions protecting the rights of SC, ST, OBC and minorities, but Government doesn’t comply with the constitution while working.”

Ex-IPS Nazrul Islam, who was conferred the honorary D.Litt by Calcutta University, said, ” In this country a larger section of the neglected community is the aboriginals. The Shudras, had converted to Islam to save themselves from the oppression of the upper caste Hindus. Actually, the Muslims living here, are the indigenous people of this country. Adivasis, ST, SC all are indigenous people of this land. In Bengal these indigenous people consists 94 percent of the total population in Bengal. Ironically, they are denied of their constitutional rights, deliberately neglected.

While the actual fight in the Jadavpur Constituency, takes place between the main-stream big parties, his Mulnibashi party is reaching out the local masses.

Dr Nazrul Islam, earlier during Left regime, raised the issue of him being treated with discrimination. During TMC government, he didn’t receive justice, he made allegations. In 2014, he was offered to hold the Governor post in Bengal. RSS also heaped praise over him for his ‘secular’ mindset. But Nazrul shunned the offer politely.

” The marginalized section of the society will have to come forward on their own and should take hold the political power, ” said he.

To fullfill that dream on their behalf he has come to the election fray. It is to be noted that this is not the first time he is fighting an election. Earlier he was election candidate from Domkal, Murshidabad, his birthplace. But, he had managed to get a tiny amount of votes. However, the election result could not discourage him in continuing his fight for the Mulnibashi ( indigenous people). He is still carrying out his mission for the rights of Mulnibashi with equal zeal and steadfastness, staying away from the limelight.