TDN World Desk: Pressure mounts on India as Cambridge City Council in U.S. passed resolution against CAA and NRC.

After Seattle, this is the second city in America that took unanimous stand against the controversial amended Citizenship law that has been passed by the Nationalist BJP government in India. Under the new Citizenship law the minority Muslims in the country are subjected to discrimination as they were excluded by the law.

Condemning the CAA the City Council stated,” While the far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims this policy will help refugees fleeing religious persecution from neighbouring countries, it blatantly discriminates against citizenship based on religion, favouring Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Christian immigrants, while excluding Muslim people.”

The resolution passed on February, further expressed apprehension that ” a nationwide expansion of the policy could strip hundreds of millions of people (disproportionately Muslim, oppressed castes, women, indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities) of their citizenship rights with no option to re-naturalised.”

It is to be noted that since the passage of the Citizenship law India has been under constant pressure within and outside of the country. Its neighbouring countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh also expressed strong reaction contradicting the move. Citizens in India and abroad are also showing resistance against the law and appealing the government to repeal it unconditionally.