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New Delhi – With an urge to “repeal farm laws” and protect the farmers’ rights Welfare Party of India has penned an open letter to the Chief Justice of India (CJI).

Writing to the CJI SA Bobde, Dr SQR Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party, said that the farm ordinances were passed during the lockdown “underminig the democratic process”.

In his letter addressed to the CJI, SA Bobde, Ilyas further described the enactment of the three farm laws as an “assault on the federal structure” of the country.

“Sir, as you are aware the agriculture falls in List -II of the Seventh Schedule of the constitution which deals with exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the states and the three contentious farm laws were passed by the center encroaching upon the privilege of the states and is an assault on the federal structure,” wrote Ilyas.

Dr Ilyas also called upon the CJI to direct the parliament to withdraw the farm laws.

“Sir, I humbly request your good self in the capacity of the chief justice of the Supreme court, which is the custodian of the constitution, to direct the parliament to repeal the anti-constitutional farms laws and follow the due process and safeguard the legitimate rights of the farmers,” said he.

“Many farmers protesting for their legitimate cause involving their livelihood were illegally detained and subjugated to humiliation and shockingly they were levelled Khalistanis and separatists and a threat to the country,” added the letter.

Till now eight round of talks took place between the government and the farmers’ leaders yielding no conclusive result yet. At least 60 farmers have lost lives while holding protests in the biting cold winter in the national capital Delhi. Thousands of farmers are still camped on the outskirts of Delhi demanding the repeal of the three contentious farm laws.