Own Correspondent, TDN World, Kolkata: Madrasa board exam result has been published. This year in Madhyamik, along with Alim and Fazil a total of 65,361 students sat for examination. Here, the number of female examinee stand 42,351, and the male examinee 23,012. That means 64.79 percent girls have appeared in the exam and 35.21 percent boys.

This huge percentage gap between the boys and girls in the Kolkata Madrasa Board exam is really a matter of concern. Naturally it evokes questions – are the girls taking more interest in education than the boys, and the boys joining hands in works than going for education? In Madrasa schools it is the girls who are coming forward. No doubt, this is a positive side. But, when the number of male students come down to nearly half of its female students, it becomes a genuine concern, we need to reflect over that.

Jamirul Hassan, an eminent social activist and Minority community leader in Kolkata said, ” This huge gap between the presence of female students and male students shows the pathetic picture of the minority Muslim society. Is it not because of their financial destitute that the boys are forced to become school dropouts? Due to poverty, they have to choose work over education, take scythes, hammers in their hands. To extend financial supports to their parents these boys are to step out of the state. At one side they are financially compelled to leave out schools. On the other side the youths are engulfed in endless misery owing to non-availability of jobs.”

Schemes like Kanyashree and social consciousness drive program implemented by Mamta Banerjee worked effectively to draw girls in schools. But for the boys the problem remains unsolved, that’s why their aversion towards schools is increasing. If this goes on for long then the matter will be grave one.

Unlike before, many NGO bodies are extending support to the poor students. Still it proves to be not very much effective before the immensity of their impoverished state. This outcome in the Madrasa board exam raises a few reasonable questions before the society.

Jamirul Hassan further said, ” the social scientists have to ponder over the issue. In this regard, educational reformation, and pragmatic education system have to be introduced. For a sustainable social development both the girls and boys should be put forward with equal importance. If any of them lagged behind, social development will be marred.”