I too have desires of iPhones, cars and villas, which my family can afford, but these materialistic desires never over powered, even a single person in our family.

My mother at home runs widow pensions, education adoption and many of which even I am not aware of, to ensure that no other family faces issues which we faced. Prayers love and respect to her and of course to my dad who always encourages good works.

The differentiating thing my family and others who were in same state as ours, is that we sticked to the principles and values, SIO provided protection from evils in young ages and guided that life is not worth if it isn’t about contribution to the society.

You live and didn’t do anything that has made the world a better place to live. Then your being and not being is same.

(Narrated by an young entrepreneur)

Yes, it’s not me nor it’s my story.

Definitely I will introduce the guy, who became an Entrepreneur in less time, when asked the mantra behind it. He smartly said principled life and support from family.

I take immense pleasure to introduced a guy to whom, I say when was naughty but talented kid and also from the same home town. His brothers not only guided him alone but also many such youths and I am one among them.

It’s was Ramadan time, I was with my friends after a long back discussing about the heat beat in summer. We say Mr. Sufan who was fully tired after the daylong work at office, followed by 3 hours long journey from Hyderabad to Warangal. When he was us suddenly he turned so enthusiastic and started talking there itself, forgot all his tiredness. Spoke so humbly and with kind gesture asked about our life, later he left.

As I was talking with many young entrepreneurs during those days, to find the enthusiasm they had to become the successful person in short duration. I got an idea; Mr. Sufan’s younger brother who shifted to New Delhi for time being job was also an involved in many startups in recent past. Interestingly we (me and younger brother of Mr. Sufan) travelled together via flight and had a discussion for around 3 hours in detailed.

After reaching home, I opened the mobile and mobile data started typing to Mr. Haroon without any other thought I asked in how many businesses you are involved in..?

As we were meeting frequently in Delhi for past 3-4 months without any hesitation he said, THREE..

Then I decided I should know some basic things from here, to narrate his struggle as I was aware of most of his life episode.

Yes, you people may get the question. Just now I said he was doing Job in Noida and staying in New Delhi and also saying he is an Entrepreneur…

Let’s know the emotional, hard working, principled life of Mr. Mahboob ur Rahman (Haroon)

After two days I texted him again..

I wrote few things buts too lengthy, replied Mr. Haroon.

Is it 8-10 pages…?

No reply.

I thought he will mail me.

After few minutes, I received 4-5 text messages on whatsapp.

The First message was…

I was the youngest one of the 7 children to my parents.

The family which was suffering an acute financial crisis due to the meager salary of 2000 the only earning hand in road transport corporation (then Andhra Pradesh State Road Corporation, nothing much changed even after formation of Telangana State) and a single room to live for the 9 people, and now 7 mouths to feed and educate.

My father was the most visionary person I have ever known, he tried to buy lands, attempted many business, planned to go to Italy for work, but failed in every step of his career ending up being a bus conductor.

Dear Haroon, your dad is not a failed but earned lot of experiences which is an example for you to move on…

In continuation to message, he replied “my mother was the best economist I have ever seen who not only fed but managed the meager income wisely gave priority to education in English medium school. Her economic model is all worked out for which I and my family are today.

It’s a beautiful introduction parents by Mr. Haroon.

I was thinking, did he have support from his parents only or also from the siblings too…

In his next message, I got the answer of my question.

In this materialistic life, when no brother is ready to care another one. Mr Haroon’s story will be an example to those who out rightly rejects that family never supports to chase our dreams (there may be few but not all).

My sisters sacrificed their careers for brothers as they studied in government Urdu medium schools to let their brother’s study in English medium.

Another black day in life…

My memory runs down when I was in class 3, when my father was suspended from the job and it was economic chaos in the family. I being the youngest was dropped for schooling, and it was September of the academic year. By then my eldest brother was doing odd jobs giving tuitions etc to support the family. At this point he stepped up and took a full time job in a computer training institute alongside his graduation and took an advance salary to join me back in the school. I wonder had that not happened, what I would be today, maybe running a sugarcane juice shop or a taxi driver, as many of my classmates who dropped out are today.

Again the marriage of my eldest sister took a major financial crisis and debt ridden family even though my brother in law took no dowry, which was a rare feat that days and will be grateful for him always.

It was the pain which I used to see my elder brother and mother planning to spend each penny wisely, may be it brought the best of me and I topped the class for 4th and 5th class and 100 in mathematics was a routine. As I has the best teachers at home my sisters and brothers who never left me alone in studies as they were being among the top of their own classes.

Haroon explained how hard the life was during those days, yet he feels lucky to have such a wonderful family.

My eyes were full of tears reading the message, here the love of siblings continues in hard times.

Mr. Haroon continued, “I remember at every meal I eat today, we eat one whole egg as common and sometimes 2, 3 at one meal at a time. Those days we used to share one egg omlete among 5, the bifurcation pattern which was a big semicircle divided into 3parts and a smaller one in two parts, and I always demanded the middle one of the 3 parts as it used to be a thick one.

I have seen the struggle of my elder brother and mother for admission of my third brother into a private intermediate (+2) and for my second brother in engineering college. Things were going on their pace with the help of Almighty, and wisdom he blessed to my mother and eldest brother.

Hard times of family was about to end, with smile on his face, Haroon continued to narrate the story of his life.

It was January 2005, and then came a turning point in our family where my brother was doing his M.Sc in Osmania University. He was offered a job visa from one of his uncle, the visa offer was rejected by his cousin and secondly my brother was asked if he wants to utilize it. Brother Sufan took most difficult step of his life, dropping off his masters and without any second thought accepted the visa offer and migrated to Saudi Arabia for a meager amount of 1500 Riyals.

Br. Sufan alongside working overtime spends time writing letters addressing each and every member of family giving educational targets and reward promises. The money he sent was pooled according to the needs and debt clearance. Not a single penny here was used unjustly. And 5 years of his struggle paid off, my brother completed his engineering and other was studying.

If I am not wrong, I remembered that even in those hard times, Br. Sufan never said “NO” to contribute the donations to the social service activities being done by SIO in Warangal.

Happy days begun…

The days became easy by Almighty’s grace, and I completed my SSC, my second sister got married, we constructed our own house. Someone would wonder how the sense of responsibility got into my elder brother nature, the values imbibed by my mother and the Islamic education he got being associated with Students Islamic Organization where he set his priorities and responsibilities. Apart from educating younger brothers he made sure that we don’t slip in this worldy life. He guided us to become the part of the organization where we have learnt the values because of which we are here.

We never had a television at home instead bought a computer at home which was very rare in our society, while every home was busy with colour TV trend in those days. In my personal life intermediate college gave me freedom and variety of friend circle, and life learning skills with some materialistic comparisons with my friends. It’s a fresh memory the day in my teens when I was creating a ruckus for a mobile and a bike. For which my 3rd brother (Brother Fazal) gave some teachings which made life goals for me. He told “we have come to this point from a very humble background and at no point of our life’s we should forget those days and spend extravagantly for the things which are not needed. Glory is with knowledge and contribution to the society not with the bike, mobile, clothes or any material.”

I repeat “Glory is with knowledge and contribution to the society not with the bike, mobile, clothes or any material.”

What a wonderful life, Br. Fazal who used to say the similar things made many lives of youth especially in Subedari, Hanamkonda.

Last episode of Mr. Haroon, then you can know how he became the entrepreneur. He continued…

It was the time after my 12th class when I was preparing for engineering entrance without any coaching I qualified AIEEE, I got a seat in NIT Rajasthan in nanotechnology subject. I thought for several nights that, if I go away from home now, there is no returning, 1800kms away from home and then career somewhere, various such thoughts in mind was striking.

This was the time; I was associated to SIO and I was building my Character which I would have lost without guidance from my elders in family and SIO. My elder brother was very happy that I got a seat in NIT but against his expectations I made my decision and asked him that I don’t wish to go away from home. I performed badly in local engineering entrance because of the distraction due to IPL, and got rank in lakhs, for which my mother gave a punishment that no management quota seat will be bought for me only seat acquired through counseling, and to my displeasure I got a college whose name I never heard before.

With the enthusiasm to become the formal member of SIO I completed the reading syllabus of 13 books (basic literature) and Quran which was a pre requisite for becoming a member. I gave an application in 2008, 2009, 2010 and rejected always because I was not that carved enough, rejected by my 3rd brother was then president of Hanamkonda, he out rightly rejected my application saying you need to better yourself more, become more punctual, imbibe more principles and values, which are the most important factors in my stature today.

Engineering days of Mr. Haroon…

The initial days of engineering were toughest to me as it was 45kms away from home and my classmates were none from previous friends list. I was having hard time in engineering college every second day thinking to opt out. The skills like stage talking, English language, confidence and knowledge I acquired in those learning years, I was unanimously elected as the student representative of my EEE department. and reelected same for 3 continuous years.

Things changed in college, and in 2011 February my application of SIO membership got accepted.

The daily journey of 1hour to college I used to read books of different subjects and philosophies and civilizations, while everyone in the bus were busy with music. Still the concept of avoiding any unnecessary expenditure was still there in my family and I had a China mobile, where my two brothers earning in Saudi and my classmates who were sons of farmers using smart phones in front of me never gave a little sense of jealous or unhappiness in me. I maintained that I won’t waste money where it’s not needed.

Later I was elected as executive committee member and officer bearer for IEEE student chapter which gave me the technical knowledge outside the classroom classical study. I requested my faculty that I won’t sit in classes which are not of my interest and instead sit in library and study topics of my interest which led to their displeasure and used to get the least marks in the internals and labs.

I was able enough to perform every experiment in the subject labs, but was awarded the least marks among all. I had done projects in NIT warangal, wrote two technical papers of IEEE (not published), made a small robot, etc. I used to complaint to directors regarding my faculty and never bowed down to fear of marks, and never misbehaved or been arrogant with any of faculty. Every other department faculty loved me while my own department hated.

Every semester result gave me shock seeing the least passing marks in the labs and internals. I responded to the satirical comments from my faculty that, “these marks won’t decide my future.” The mini project and major project viva which most students gets scared off was like a casual conversation for me. The faculty had hard time finding questions to me whose audio recordings I still have as a memory. At the end on engineering, I was having an overall percentile of 62%, which was not enough to sit for college recruitment drives, and my candidature was rejected.

A major twist in life of Mr. Haroon

The Training and placement officer came to know that I am not writing the recruitment exam and was shocked that you shouldn’t miss it, and made alternate profile of me with 66% profile and another mail Id. And to everyone’s shock I topped the college across departments in the test conducted for the drive which had aptitude, programming and subject questionnaire which was my strength. Then there was call for interview from TCS for top 20 scores of every college, on that very fortunate day, I reached the venue at 9.30 am only to be interviewed at 11.30pm in the night. Many of my college mates left seeing the delayed process.

It was the adjusting patient attitude inculcated inside me since childhood which made me stay back in that college which was in a jungle.

It was 1hour interview I wrote around 11 papers to questions about machines, circuit design, model systems etc from the interviewer and came out victorious in that prolonged interview. I was one among 6 students in whole college who got a campus placement that academic year.

The academic and organizational life was going hand in hand with lot of experiences and upgrading my skills and knowledge.

Childhood dreams where yet to fulfill…

When everything was going normal in Haroon’s life, then he was in a confusion to decide whether to join the company or to go for coaching for childhood dream of Civil services. Then many elders and careers guides suggested to go for job as there are very few who have one. He joined masters instead of just waiting for the joining letter.

Mr. Haroon began saying, “22 November 2014 was the day I was called up to join.”

TCS was a complete new world.

I was like a frog in the well till recent in my academic life.

Struggled learning things and was going good in my career where you being part of Research and Development of automotive industry, for 2and half years but with inner sense of dissatisfaction and at that my family was going though few issues while I was happy in the job. I was not in a position to share the problem solving actions of the family then came the application of central sponsored UPSC coaching in a university. It became a reason to quit the job which most said was a dangerous step of my career. I joined the course and was studying for the most privileged services of the country.

Had freedom of time to support my brothers and to my family in solving some issues.

The most awaited exam came and performed better than I prepared. Unfortunately it was not enough only able to clear 2nd paper getting 84% and just 23.4%marks in first paper.

And it sunk me to the lowest of confidence in my life dropped preparation and was lonely facing society and inner self that I didn’t make good use of 1 and half year and wasted it.

Life was without job.

Earning was not a priority but having job was a social thing which mattered a lot.

In the 2 and half years of working in TCS I saved almost everything of my salary. I had a self budget of 5000pm covering my food accommodation and travel in Hyderabad. Rest all went on saving and helping any of my friends in need.

Saving the money, utilizing it properly I learned from my economist mom.

There was an inner desire to have a huge business of own and earn money badly that no family should ever face the situation which my family faced.

Entrepreneur life starts…

I invested in sheep farming, fisheries, poultry, share market, restaurant, and crypto currency the little amount I could but never got promising return and many ended in loss making or no profit.

One fine day, two friends of mine came up with an idea of setting up a silk industry, done extensive research and survey, at the time of starting I had no funds left with me after investing in real estate project and I opted out which they continued.

Startup – 1

I along with my friends formed a team of real estate developers and me being the fund raising part. In the long hanging litigation properties the henchmen get the most profit and fool the actual owner giving him the minimal amount of money.

I became the trust face of our team. People started believing us and giving projects. Tough I never took a penny out from the investment made because one earned money went to the second and have a value of 1.2 million invested  the ongoing project which I started with just 0.2 million.

Startup – 2 MSS Industries

Meanwhile two close friends from SIO came up to me with a plan for a brick making industry citing the huge range of construction going on in Warangal. I put all I had in setting that up and borrowed some money from my brother.

The first year was a disastrous failure on 1.5 million losses, to a person who never wasted 10rs in his life got into 1.2 million losses and lot of people criticized for wasting off money without any experience.  One of my partner left off the group and we two remained.

It never disappointed me, because the values I got from the family and organizational life, never made me let down. I had confidence that it will take one successful year to be established in the market.

At this low time, I got an opportunity to Visit Malaysia for being a part of International team working for Masjid tour programme. It was an amazing trip and I learned many things, also got explored to the international world. Returned India with lots of positivity and worked day night to bring my industry in order. 3 months of dedication brought us running in market and self sufficient.

Then I got a call from Capgemni to join their Noida office for a project in automotive systems, which was irresistible. I always was a technical person who loved to work in innovation and research.

Again a tricky situation of continuing business or back to work then my partners assured that they will continue the working strategy and run the industry through my vision.

In TCS I was a contributor to Passive safety systems (Airbags, etc), Radar and camera of autonomous driving systems, adaptive driver assistance systems for Toyota, BMW, Hyundai. The extensive knowledge gained from the work experience was not to be left behind, so I joined back the company to keep myself updated in the technical world.

Now my industry has a turnover of over 7.5 millions turnover.

Startup – 3

Invested 48 thousand in crypto currency and it covered to 1.2 million, expecting the returns in October 2019.

This journey has been a roller coaster ride, with steep lows and sudden growths; the only thing I kept struck to track was the teachings and values of Islam, guidance from the elders of family and organization.

Today Almighty has blessed our family a lot when compared to those days. Still we still drive the old passion plus, and the 90sqyd home and two brothers living in Saudi Arabia in high profile jobs still doesn’t own a car.

The materialistic thought never got overpowered.

Be principled, follow the values, don’t be materialistic and struggle continuously. A day will come you will become a respected member of the family, a entrepreneur and social worker, which will a contribution to reconstruct the society – says Mahboob Ur Rahman (Haroon) to the readers.

To know the experiences he has in his 3 startup and many fields where he worked, you can connect him on [email protected]

Syed Azharuddin ([email protected] )