TDN World Desk: Is Islamophobia is on rise in India , Or freedom of religion is shrinking for the minority muslim government officials? These questions become relevant and need to be contemplated at.
On Thursday, the police in Rajasthan’s Alwar district ordered nine Muslim members of the force to shave their beards to look unbaised. Hwever after the police order recieved wide-criticism the order was revoked.

According to PTI, the original order on Thursday said the nine policemen were asked to cut their beards so that they acted and looked “unbiased”.

As the news got wide exposure, in negative light, on Friday Alwar Superintendent of Police Anil Paris Deshmukh withdrew his own order.

Police said they had earlier given permission to 32 Muslim personnel to sport beards. Thursday’s order withdrew this permission for nine of them.The remaining 23 policemen were allowed to continue with their beards, police said.
To support the banning of sporting beards the SP earlier told media persons that,“Policemen should not only work in an unbiased manner but they should also look unbiased,”

“There is a provision of the state government which allows the HoD (head of department) to permit policemen to keep beards,” he said.

“Under the provision, 32 policemen were given permission. The permission for nine policemen has been cancelled while for the rest of them it stands unchanged,” he added.

Deshmukh had said the decision can be reconsidered and those dissatisfied with it can approach the department.

On Friday, while withdrawing the order, he said, “It was an administrative order which has been withdrawn after representation from the aggrieved policemen.”

Speaking to Indian express S Sengathir, Inspector General of Police, Jaipur range, said “The SP had revoked permission for nine people out of 32, because many times, during law and order situations, it is seen that they would stand apart from the rest (because of the beard). However, we asked them again whether they wanted to keep a beard, and they said yes. Following that, the order has been revoked.”