TDN World Desk: Kolkata civil society is not believing in Amit Shah’s verbal statement,simply. At, least, hunger strike staged by Joint From Against NRC in collaboration with United Forum For National Integrity, suggests so.

On Thursday, the day Amit Shah made his statement that no one will be marked doubtful, some activists in Kolkata started relay hunger strike against NPR exercise at Raja Bazar (Shiren Bagh) protest site.

Speaking from the protest site, anzar Jameel, an active participant of the anti-NRC Movement and member of the forum said,as quoted by enewsroom,“Both the Home Minister and the Prime Minister are on a deceiving spree. There has been overwhelming opposition to NPR, NRC and CAA across India, hence Shah has stated today that no documents need to submit during NPR implementation. He even added that there would be no doubtful citizens. We need to be careful as these statements are deceitful. We need to believe the government documents which are in the public domain, declaring that NPR is the first step to NRC.” He then added, “If he genuinely means what he said today, then his government should amend CAA to include all religious denominations and neighbouring countries without classifications.”

In December, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee issued stay order NPR, but the protesters are not happy with a mere stay order.They want the whole NPR excercise to be revoked.

“We are doing this to stir the administration out of their indifference and intensify our protests by using Gandhian principle. From Raja Bazar’s Shireen Bagh we want to draw the attention of the central and state government to stop NPR, which is the first step for NRC, which is both a discriminatory and arbitrary law, which divides the nation on the religious line. We want the Bengal government to reject NPR and not just continue with the temporary stay put on NPRby the CM,”Jameel added further.

With an appeal to scrap the NPR, these activists have submitted memorandum, both to the state and Central government.

” Memorandums explaining the grounds for opposition to the NPR have been sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee. We will wait to see the responses and then decide on future course of action. If our patience is relentlessly tested, we cannot guarantee sitting quiet,” said Prasenjit Bose, the convenor of the Joint Forum.

The organizers at the Shireen Bagh dharna site said that the will continue hunger strike till April 1 NPR updation is stopped.The demonstrators also demanded to de-link NPR from Census 2021 as well.