Own Correspondent, TDNWorld, Kolkata: Besides sit-in protests demonstrators at Rajabazar dharna manch are also observing fasts till NPR is revoked which is scheduled to begin on April 1. Including 20 women protesters, over 40 people have been observing hunger strike.

United Forum For National Integrity plays a keyrole in staging this relay fasts. Issuing a press release on Monday, two leaders from this organisation urged all the assembly members to intervene into the issue. To curb outbreak of corona virus, the state and central government issued advisories imposing ban on mass-gatherings.
“We appeal to all the legislative assembly members to stop NPR considering the ongoing relay fasts at Rajabazar and protest staged in more than hundred places across the country,” the statement reads.

With their urge to scrap NPR, the forum activists also submitted memorandum to the state and central government.

On being asked about the dharna manch which is carried out along with relay fasts, one protester said,” Many Shaheen Baghs were set up across the country. We have named it Sheeren Bagh. NPR is scheduled to begin on April 1 . Beforehand, we want to send strong message to the government. So, we have taken up this decision.”