TDN World Desk: Bhaaratiya Janata Party MP Debasree Chaudhuri faced public ire on Wednesday during her pro CAA campaign in her Raiganj constituency, a Bengali news outlet reported.

However, Chaudhuri, the Minister of State for Woman and Child Development, accused that those agitation were staged by the ruling Trinamool Congress.

West Bengal BJP has launched a pro CAA campaign. As a part of that programme the saffron party MP Debashree went to Raiganj and was disseminating booklets, handouts to educate people and garner their supports for CAA. But when her convoy reached Bagdora, she was allegedly approached and surrounded by a band of local TMC activists who continued protests and demonstration for a while blocking roads.

The BJP minister alleged that local TMC councilor Arnab Mondal sponsored the agitation.

“The oppositions are spreading misinformation. They are trying to create an atmosphere of fear. Because of all this people showed agitation,” the BJP state minister told reporters.

Another top BJP leader Ritesh Tiwari had faced similar agitation on January 5 when he was out on a door to door pro CAA campaign.