TDN World Desk: TMC gets triumphant, bags victorious tag in all the theree seats – Karimpur, Kaliganj and Kharagpur. Trinamool Congress’ arch political rival BJP faces fiasco at the same time losing all the seats.

Reacting on her party’s win Mamata Banerjee said, ” BJP is getting paid back for its arrogance of power and for insulting the people of Bengal.”

The saffron party, however, remarked that NRC policy has brought the party to its knees.

To explain his defeat, Kamal Chandra Sarkar, who contested in the bypoll in the Karimpur seat, clearly said on Thursday that they have failed to convince people about the National Register of Citizens (NRC). And this ultimate led to their failure.

What turns to be most disheartening for the saffron brigade in this bypoll election is that the party lost its valuable seat in Kharagpur, which was known as one of the strong bastion. Kharagpur is the constituency of Dilip Ghosh. He is currently the party head in West Bengal. Trinamool candidate Pradip Sarkar’s victory with a lead of 14,000 votes from Ghosh’s own constituency can be unbearable for BJP.

BJP sources in Bengal thinks that NRC has played havoc in the election. People went against the party because of its NRC policy.
People in Bengal are in fear in regards to the NRC implementation, especially after the final list of Assam NRC got published where near 19 lakhs people got excluded, most of them were Bengali speaking Hindus.

On the other side, Bengal TMC has successfully canvassed NRC issue. Campaigned door to door, in rural villages, convinced people. And that’s where the saffron brigade failed badly.

Reacting to the stumbling failure of his party in by-polls , Dilip Ghosh, in an interview with a Bengali online outlet, said, ” I don’t think I have born for politics. Whatever I did, I did on party’s command. And ready to follow party’s regulation as before. I am an obedient worker.”

His words missing confidence – a confidence that dominated, challenged the ruling party undauntedly before. And NRC is the turning, that played havoc in changing political narrative in Bengal. But, will NRC be the end of BJP in Bengal? To have that answer we have to wait till the upcoming assembly election in Bengal.